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All-Time Academic All-Americans

College Sports Communicators Academic All-America Program:
The CSC Academic All-America Program is the marquee program of the College Sports Communicators. There are Academic All-America programs in the fall for men’s and women’s soccer, football and women's volleyball. In the winter, CoSIDA sponsors Academic All-America teams in men’s and women’s basketball and men's and women's swimming and diving. In the spring, it sponsors programs for baseball, men's and women's tennis, men's and women's cross country/track and field and softball. The At-Large category, which is selected in the spring inlcudes men's and women's golf, men's volleyball, men's and women's wrestling, and women's bowling.

While a number of individual sports sponsor an honor squad/ team, College Sports Communicators has trademarked the term “Academic All-American” and other programs are referred as “Scholar All-America” or other.

All-Time Corporate Partners/Sponsors:

  • College Sports Communicators (2022 Fall to Present)
  • CoSIDA (1969-1972, 2004-05, 2015-18, 2019-2022 Spring)
  • GTE (1972-1984)
  • Verizon (1984-2004)
  • ESPN The Magazine (2005-10)
  • Capital One (2010-15)
  • Google Cloud (2018-19)

By the Numbers

129 BW has had 129 student-athletes selected as CoSIDA Academic All-Americans since the program’s inception in 1969-1970, including 29 two-time honorees and four three-time award winners.

BW has had 29 repeat academic all-americans


BW ranks 13th among all Division III colleges and universities with its CoSIDA Academic All-America student-athletes.

BW also ranks first among all colleges and universities in the Ohio Athletic Conference.


BW has had seven academic all-americans on one occasion

  • 2019-20

BW has had six academic all-americans on four occasions 

  • 2018-19
  • 2015-16
  • 2013-14
  • 2011-12

BW has had five academic all-americans on three occasions

  • 1997-98
  • 1984-85
  • 2013-14

BW has had four academic all-americans on seven occasions

  • 2017-18
  • 2012-13
  • 2007-08
  • 2002-03
  • 1998-99
  • 1990-91
  • 1986-87

BW has had three academic all-americans on one occasion

  • 2022-23

BW has had two three-time academic all-americans


Academic All-Americans by Sport

Sport Academic All-Americans
Football 35
Baseball 18
Women's Cross Country/Track & Field 16
Men's Cross Country/Track & Field 13
Softball 9
Men's Soccer 9
Men's Basketball 6
Men's Lacrosse 1
Men's Tennis 6
Women's Tennis 3
Women's Basketball 2
Women's Golf 2
Women's Soccer 2
Women's Swimming & Diving 2
Women's Volleyball 2
Women's Lacrosse 2
Wrestling  2
Total 129


Academic All-American of the Year 

Name Year Sport
Mike Waters 1984-85 Men's Soccer
Keith Walcutt 1985-86 At Large
Peggy Fortune 1991-92 At Large
Brendan Toughey 2012-13 Baseball
Spencer Badia 2017-18 Baseball
Danny Ruple 2019-20 Men's Soccer


All-Time Academic All-Amercans

Name Sport Year(s) Team
Ted Stolberg Football 1970-71  First-Team 
John Yezerski Football 1971-72  Second-Team
John Yezerski Football 1972-73 First-Team
Dan Hagen Men's Basketball 1976-77 Second-Team
Roger Andrachik Football 1977-78 Second-Team
Roger Andrachik Football 1978-79  First-Team
Greg Monda Football 1978-79  First-Team
Tim Lohr Baseball 1978-79  First-Team
Charles Krajacic Football 1981-82  First-Team
Randy Edwards Football 1982-83  Second-Team
Debbie Majka  Women's Volleyball 1982-83 Third-Team
Paul Matousek Men's Cross Country/Track & Field  1983-84 Third-Team
Ann Lucak Women's Volleyball 1984-85 First-Team
Andy Wetrich Baseball 1984-85 Third-Team
Jim Stefanik Baseball 1984-85 Third-Team
Keith Walcutt Men's Track & Field 1984-85 Second-Team
Mike Waters * Men's Soccer 1984-85 First-Team
Bob Scelza Men's Basketball  1985-86 First-Team
Keith Walcutt * Men's Track & Field 1985-86 First-Team
Shawn Gorman Football 1986-87 Second-Team
Erik Young Baseball 1986-87  First-Team
Bob Rodriguez Baseball 1986-87  Second-Team
Joe Velky Baseball 1986-87 Second-Team
Perry Mastrocola Football 1987-88 Second-Team
Shawn Gorman Football 1987-88 First-Team
Wendy Howser  Softball 1987-88 Second-Team 
Guy Fisher Baseball 1988-89 Second-Team
Brian Rector At-Large: Men's Tennis 1988-89 Second-Team
Peggy Fortune Women's Cross Country/Track & Field  1988-89 First-Team
Gerald Hwasta Football 1990-91 Second-Team
Tom Serdinak Footbal 1990-91 Second-Team
Wayne Bilinovic Men's Basketbal 1990-91 Second-Team
Peggy Fortune Women's Cross Country/Track & Field  1990-91 Second-Team
Tom Serdinak Football 1991-92 First-Team
Bonnie Lawrence Softball 1991-92 Third-Team
Peggy Fortune * Women's Cross Country/Track & Field  1991-92 First-Team
Bonnie Lawrence Softball 1992-93 First-Team
Adrian Allison Football 1993-94 First-Team
David Coverdale Football 1993-94  First-Team 
David Coverdale Football 1994-95 First-Team 
Brian Higley  Men's Basketball 1996-97  Second-Team 
Dawn Neighbargar Softball 1996-97  Second-Team 
Lutul Farrow  Football  1997-98 Second-Team 
Chris Kondik  Football 1997-98  Second-Team 
Kevin Braaten Men's Basketball 1997-98  Third-Team 
Dawn Neighbargar  Softball 1997-98  First-Team 
Thersa Olenick At-Large: Women's Tennis 1997-98  Third-Team 
Kevin Peacock  At-Large: Men's Tennis  1998-99  Third-Team 
Ann Hisrich  Women's Track & Field  1998-99  Second-Team
Brian Rudloff Baseball 1998-99  Third-Team 
Heidi Fruend At-Large: Women's Tennis 1999-00 Third-Team 
Shannon Lakatosh  Women's Track & Field  1999-00  Third-Team 
Jen Swinehart Women's Basketball 1999-00  First-Team
Jen Gerlach At-Large: Women's Tennis  2000-01  Third-Team 
Matt Kish Football 2001-02  First-Team 
Josh Myers At-Large: Men's Tennis 2001-02  Second-Team 
Jessica Carmona Women's Cross Country/Track & Field  2001-02  Second-Team 
Joe Harbour Football 2002-03  Second-Team 
Matt Kish Football 2002-03  First-Team 
Bryan Bartunek At-Large: Men's Tennis  2002-03  Third-Team 
Hannah Purdy Women's Cross Country/Track & Field  2002-03  First-Team 
Shawn McCormick Men's Basketball 2002-03  Third-Team 
Joe Harbour Football 2003-04 First-Team 
Nicole Loudin Softball 2003-04  Third-Team 
Justin Andes Football 2004-05  Second-Team 
Mike Turchan Baseball 2004-05  Second-Team 
John Shoffstall Men's Track & Field  2004-05  Third-Team 
Josh Svenson Men's Track & Field 2005-06 Third-Team
Kevin Soflkianics Football 2006-07  First-Team 
Tommy Ehrnfelt Men's Soccer 2006-07  Second-Team 
Matt Pietro Men's Soccer 2006-07  Second-Team 
Kevin Soflkianics Football 2007-08  First-Team 
Matt Pietro Men's Soccer 2007-08  First-Team 
Matthew "Cody" Kidd Baseball 2007-08  Third-Team 
Kristen Balogh Women's Cross Country/Track & Field  2007-08 Third-Team
Allie Wojtkun Women's Soccer 2008-09  Second-Team 
Matthew "Cody" Kidd  Baseball 2008-09  First-Team 
Tanya Davis Softball 2009-10  Third-Team 
Ariel Brough Women's Basketball 2009-10  Third-Team 
Tanya Davis Softball 2010-11 First-Team 
Pat Brennan Men's Soccer 2011-12  First-Team 
Brendan Toughey Baseball 2011-12  Second-Team 
Alex Trzeciak At-Large: Men's Tennis  2011-12  Second-Team 
Kenny Janosko Men's Cross Country/Track & Field  2011-12  Third-Team 
Brooke Hamilton At-Large: Women's Golf  2011-12  Third-Team 
Julie Pinter Women's Swimming & Diving 2011-12  First-Team 
Brendan Toughey * Baseball 2012-13  First-Team 
Kenny Janosko Men's Cross Country/Track & Field  2012-13 First-Team
Brooke Hamilton At-Large: Women's Golf 2012-13 First-Team
Julie Pinter Women's Swimming & Diving 2012-13 First-Team
Zack Barley  Football 2013-14 First-Team
David Flegal Football 2013-14 First-Team
Joe Kasper Football 2013-14 Second-Team
Brad Gugliotta Baseball 2013-14 Third-Team
Ben Beidleman Men's Track & Field 2013-14 First-Team
Brooke Hradisky Women's Track & Field/Cross Country 2013-14 Third-Team
Ben Beidleman Men's Track & Field 2014-15 First-Team
 Dan O'Brien Football  2014-15 Second-Team
Jesse Gunter At-Large: Wrestling 2015-16 Second-Team
Doug Ganim At-Large: Men's Tennis 2015-16 Third-Team
Ben Beidleman Men's Track & Field 2015-16 First-Team
Melanie Winters Women's Track & Field 2015-16 First-Team
Tyler Burdorff Women's Track & Field 2015-16 Second-Team
Erin Kasper Women's Track & Field 2015-16 Third-Team
Spencer Badia Baseball 2016-17 Third-Team
Maddie Russell At-Large: Women's Lacrosse 2016-17 Second-Team
Erin Kasper Women's Track & Field 2016-17 First-Team
Danny Ruple Men's Soccer 2017-18 First-Team
Rachel Bender Women's Soccer 2017-18 Second-Team
Spencer Badia * Baseball 2017-18 First-Team
Kelly Brennan Women's Track & Field 2017-18 First-Team
Danny Ruple Men's Soccer 2018-19 First-Team
Rachel Bender Women's Soccer 2018-19 First-Team
Ryan Sympson Football 2018-19 First-Team
Kyle Kelly Football 2018-19 Second-Team
Alexis Boledovic Softball 2018-19 First-Team
Danny Cody Baseball 2018-19 Third-Team
Danny Ruple Men's Soccer 2019-20 First-Team
Kyle Kelly Football 2019-20 Second-Team
Ryan Sympson Football 2019-20 Second-Team
Stanley Bleich At-Large: Wrestling 2019-20 Second-Team
Hannah Stein At-Large: Women's Lacrosse 2019-20 Second-Team
Ted Achladis Men's Cross Country/Track and Field 2019-20 Third-Team
Kelly Brennan Women's Cross Country/Track and Field 2019-20 First-Team
Nick Pankow Football 2021-22 First-Team
Luke Vonderhaar Baseball 2021-22 Second-Team
Luke Vonderhaar Baseball 2022-23 First-Team
Neil Randall Men's Lacrosse 2022-23 First-Team
Hope Murphy Women's Cross Country/Track and Field 2022-23 Second-Team
















































































































* -- denotes Academic All-American of the Year

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