“The Yellow Jacket" is a yellow varsity jacket that features the names of alumni who have elevated the program both on and off the field. 

On gamedays, one player will be selected to wear the jacket and lead the team out of the locker room. The player who wears the jacket best exemplifies "BW Grit” in the days of practice leading up to the game.

Each year, one graduating senior will be selected to have their name placed on the back of the jacket. In addition, for the first four years, one player from the first eight years of the men’s lacrosse program (2013-2021) will be selected

“The Yellow Jacket is way to celebrate our story and honor our history through the alumni who overcame adversity day-in and day-out. It is a commemoration of the young men who elevated the culture of our program and left it in a better place than they found it. The names on the back of The Jacket set the standard for every current and future young man who wears the Brown and Gold. Having your name on the back of The Jacket should be the goal of every student-athlete in our program. With the understanding that the every-day pursuit to simply wear The Jacket on game days, to lead our program on the field, to represent our past and future, will mold you into a better human being, family member and teammate.” -Coach Tatro